Saturday, September 30, 2006



Halloween Costoom Kontest Roolz:

  1. Add yer entry. Username and passwerd are posted in the Catster FOS Groop Forum. If yer not a Catster member, emale Skeezix to git the username and passwerd.
  2. Altho it's not reeqwired, it wood be nice if yoo put a pikchur of the Best Frends cat yoo'll sponser if yoo win. That mite help inflooince voters. Also feel free to add poetry or hi-koo or videeyo anything else that mite git yoo notist.
  3. Not reqwired, but add a link to yer blog or yer Catster profile page so we can git to know yoo a littul better!
  4. Uplode yer entry before midnite (EDT) on Friday October 13th. DEDLINE EXTENDED TO 3PM PDT on Saterday 10/14.
  5. Voting will take place October 14th - October 17th. Voting is by populer vote. Voting gidelines will be published on my blog and in the Catster FOS forum on October 14th.
    Everywun hoo enters WILL GIT TO CAST AN EXTRA VOTE (altho yoo are prohibited frum voting for yerself).
  6. It is acceptable to have up to three cats in the foto for a singul entry. (For example, me and my big bruther Mao cood be drest up as Batman and Robin.) If thare is more than one cat in the foto and yoo win ferst prize, a $10 Petsmart Gift Card will be given in addishun to the regyuler prize for eech extra cat, not to exceed two gift cards (for three cats). HOWEVER, no cat can appeer in more than one entry. It's okay to have dawgs in the pikchur, but honestly, hoo wood vote for an entry with a dawg in it?
  7. The winner will be announced October 17th. (If there is a tie, the winner will be the one hoo got the most comments on his/her entry* up thru midnight (EDT) October 16th.)
    Comments by cats in the same howsehold as the tie entries do not cownt. If thare is still a tie after that, Skeezix, Mao, Rocky and Trip will deeside a winner based on the following criteria: 1) kreativity; 2) pose; 3) foto compuzishun; 4) yooneeknes; 5) wether it makes us laff.)
  8. It's my contest. I can chanje the roolz and the prizes anytime I wunt to.
  9. My big bruther Mao, Rocky the Gutter Cat and Trip', the Stray Cat are ineligible for prizes, but can post thare entreez if they wunt to.

winner gits the following:



(** Yoo will need to provide a high rezolushun foto for the card, so make sure you save a hi-res foto.)

>> Clik heer to pik owt a Best Frends Cat to sponser if yoo win the contest.

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