Wednesday, December 13, 2006




Reezults will be annownst in Skeezix the Cat's 10/18 blog!

Thanks to all the entrants and voters for making this kontest so suksessful!

Saturday, October 14, 2006


Catzilla Merlin

Catzilla Merlin,
He scares me so much
He looks like Catzilla
But he's soft to the touch
He might roar and growl
And stomp your whole town
But he'll cuddle and love you
When you're feelin' down

You can read my blog, Merlin's Meows. I'm also on Catster! Come be my friend!

If I win, I would like to sponsor Wrigley the cat, because I have a cousin kitty named Wrigley and they even look alike.

Happy Halloween everyone!


Mini the (ugh) Mouse

I can't believe I haven't put the bitey on anybody. How humiliating. *sigh*

Anyways, if I was to win I'd sponsor Scooter.

~~ Mini


Jack the Viking Kitten

Here's my Entry. I'm a Fierce Viking Kitten, returned home from the hunt. To my left you can see my prey, a vishus deer I've skinned and made into a rug (you can see it better on my blog). Behind me is a traditional viking shaggy cloak, worn by Viking Jarls. I'm not wearing it because it's too big for me, but I do have a brilliant scarlett cloak, a colour so expensive only the most powerful Vikings could afford it (it's also my favourite colour!). I have my trusty vishus deerkilling sword Hreinarsbana (Reindeer's Bane) close at hand. I don't have a horned helmet because my Opposable Thumb Wench says they didn't really wear those, and anyway, what would I need with horns? I have big pointy ears (though not as big as Skeezix's).

To see a few more picture from the photoshoot, come to my blog and and say hi!

If I win I want to sponser Sammie.

He has weird drinking habits like me. I don't like having the water poured on my head, but I use my tail to make a pool to drink out of in the sink, and I like my water running too. I don't know why he hasn't been adopted. He seems like a good drinking buddy to me. And we all make mistakes sometimes.


Victor Devilcat

A costume? For Skeezix's contest? OKAY!

How does this werk?

Ummm, Mom? A little help here?

Huh. I liked it better when this was a toy.

Rowr! See? Ain't I a devil! Come say hi to me an Bonnie sumtime, puleeze?

If I wins, I'll sponsor Marvin cuz he sounds like a sweetie an he looks like me.


Bonnie Underfoot, Devil Queen

Are you kidding? ME, wear a costume? PUlllleeeeeze. But it's to help homeless cats find homes... ofur than MY home. Getcher own! Grrrrowl!!!! Hiss, hiss, hiss! What are you DOING to me?!?!

Ok, so if I were to win, I would sponsor Lois. She sounds like my kind of cat - anofur attack tabby.


Count Vegas

I think I look hot in this Vampire costume. I told Meowmie that I didn't need a tuxedo cause I already have one on, but she insisted I wear it. I'm a little shy about being the center of attention. You can check out my other photo's on my Catster page.

Vegas's Catster Page

If I win, I would like to sponsor Scooter cause he's seems like a cool cat that I could hang with and he's got some sweet fangs that would be great with my Vampire costume.

Read about Scooter here


Princess Jasmine

So this is my new Princess costume. I love to play dress up and I have been begging Meowmie to take me Trick-or-Treating this year in my stroller. I think it would be so much fun! You can go to my catster page to see some of my other pretty outfits.

Jasmine's Catster Page

If I win I would like to sponsor Scooter because he is a really sweet kitty.

Read about Scooter here

Scooter was born without back legs. But he's a happy guy ... especially when he gets visitors! Every time someone comes to see him, he gets all excited and scoots as fast as he can to be a good host. His eyes are huge and alert ... they look almost crazy with enthusiasm when you pet him. His purr is snorty and cute. Some of us think that with his gigantic head and funny fangs, he looks something like a Sesame Street puppet!

Scooter was born in 1997. He was a 'clinic cat' in Arizona, keeping a vet staff company and greeting visitors. But because he had no back legs, some of the clientele reported feeling disturbed by his appearance. So the poor guy got fired as welcomer. Now we're happy to have him here, welcoming our guests at Kitty Motel.


Jake the French Artist

I am now Jacques, a French artist.

Notice the Skeezix beanie button that I wear on my beret.

Oo, la, la, vote pour moi, all you sexy kittens out there.

I would sponsor Mama because she's so nice to all the other kitties. When I was a little kitten, I had a much older sister named Precious and she was very nice and motherly to me.

Visit me on my blog,, or on catster.

~Jacques (aka Jake)


jeter harrisez entree to da contest

well ... dis iz mi entree to da contest. i am alwayz a little bit late fer evreethin ... an i'm not sure dat dis iz da rite way to post in da contest ... but i'm tryin.
dis iz a pikshur uv me dressed up in my noo york yankeez costyoom fer halloween. pleez note dat mi eerz ar pokin thru da holez in da yankee cap.
i am sorree to say dat mi warin dis costyoom did not help da yankeez in da penant race dis yeer.
happy halloween to all mi frendz in da fos!

if i wuz to win dis contest i would like to sponsor da byootiful cinders ...
i am a sucker fer older women.

Friday, October 13, 2006


Batman & Robin's Entry

We are not eligible to win a prize, but we wunted to kompeet, so heer's owr entrey. Yoo can clik the pikchur to bigify it.

The Kaped Kroosayderz


Hula Girl Bathsheba

As I said on my blog, this was torture and an indignity, but here I am as a hula girl:

My back feet with claws extended tell you how much I enjoyed posing for this. (If only Mom had Photoshop so I could have done this virtually!)

I do know it's for a good cause.
Like some other entrants, I'd like to sponsor Cinders because she's elderly and has a lot of health problems.

I'm fortunate that, at 15, I have my health.

~Bathsheba (catster profile)


Tiggy as: A Playboy Bunny

Hi! My name is Tiggy. I'm 7 months old and I'm new to the innernets. I just started a blog becuz I like Skeezix's blog so much. Here it is. My Mommy blogs a lot, she has a lot of piktures of me on her blog. I want to have a cool blog like Skeezix and that hamsome man cat Kismet. He is so cool and hamsome. When I saw him in his Hugh Hefner Robe, I knew I had to be a Playboy Bunny. My mommy said I was too young to wear such a sexy costoom, but I mrowed and mrowed until she said yes.

If I win the contest, I want to sponsor Buckaroo, because she was a wild cat just like me!


Rocky Ann

I am the Good Witch of the West!

If I were so lucky as to win this contest I would pick my BEST FRIEND to be RASCAL.

Thursday, October 12, 2006


Faith's Entry

The Kitty Cats Corner Blog

If I win I'd like to sponsor Cinders


Sweetie's Entry

The Kitty Cats Corner Blog

Sweetie’s Catster Page

As the now retired matchmaker of Catster, what better costume could there be than Cupid?! This holiday season, no matter if it be Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas, make sure you spread the love. Tell someone you dont even know that you care. You might just turn their day around!

If I win I would like to sponsor Gemini


Lemur's Entry

The Kitty Cats Corner Blog

Lemur‘s Catster Page

*The Phantom of the Opera music plays as he enters*
Sing once again with me, our strange duet, My power over you, grows stronger yet. And though you turn from me, to glance behind. The Phantom of the Opera is there -inside your mind . . .

If I win I would like to sponsor sexy Sasha


Domino's Entry

The Kitty Cats Corner Blog

Domino‘s Catster Page

Howdy Folks. Well shucks y'all, aint this the cutest darn contest this side of blogville? Us cats are havin a mighty fine time. Aint we?

If I win I'd like to sponsor Saddle


Twinkie's Entry

The Kitty Cats Corner Blog

Twinkie‘s Catster Page

Hoping efurryone has a spooktacularly fun Halloween!

If I win I would like to sponsor Abby


Callie's Entry

The Kitty Cats Corner Blog

Callie‘s Catster Page

Double double; Toil and Trouble; Fire burn and Caldron bubble . . . *cackle cackle*

If I win I would like to sponsor Minxy


Magic's Entry

The Kitty Cats Corner Blog

Magic‘s Catster Page

Come closer . . . I'll tell you what I see. Ahhhhh its clearer now. Yes I see a shape, yes its the unmistakable shape of a cat. Its growing dimmer now, I'm losing it. Ahhhh well, better luck next time.

If I win I would like to sponsor Meech


Lexington's Entry

The Kitty Cats Corner Blog

Lexington‘s Catster Page

I tried to tell Warm this was a cheeeezy costume but she insisted on how cute I looked. Sheeeeesz. But hey, here's what I looked like BC - before costume!

If I win I would like to sponsor Farrah


Inky's Entry

The Kitty Cats Corner Blog

Inky‘s Catster Page

I'm a soul sistah on a mission to bring good times to the neighborhood. Everyone come on out and lets boogy! Celebrate good times, come on!

If I win I would like to sponsor Latte.

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