Wednesday, October 11, 2006


The 2 Bs Entries

Mrs. B (click to biggify)
Mrs. B purrs: Who knew you could get so many treats for putting on a hat!

Bubbles (click to biggify)
Meowmie says: Bubbles you are Gandalf the Grey.
Bubbles growls: Get this @#$*& thing off my head NOW!

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If one of us win we would like to sponser Jean.

Wow, Bubbles --- I think that's IKZAKTLY the same thing Kaze sed win they made her ware the leperd hat!!!
That's a grate way of eggsprssing how yoo feel. Yoo evun have a scarie pumpken colured backrownd. Vary halloweenish
you guys look almost as excited as i did to be wearing a costume!!

;-D Nitro
Our second vote goes to Nitro as Skeezix the Cat.. The ears were just too cute.
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