Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Calvin Contest Entry

Calvin as Cinderella's Pumpkin Coach

If I win this contest, I'd like to sponsor Totoro because he worships the sun just like me! His idea of a good time is finding a big patch of sunlight to take a nap! He has seizures, so I want to sponsor him so that he knows there is someone who loves him even if he isn't perfect!

Yoo have an entrasing gaze to yoo calvin. Yer either vary upset fur wairing yer pumpkin or yer vary impressed with the flashy thing that took yer picktur.
Calvin, yoo are kyoot kyoot kyoot! The pumkin costoom was a nice choice with yer orange fur.
calvin, that is the CUTEST picture of you we have seen--and you are cute in efurry picture! that's just "some punkins!"

nels, ed, nitro, & xing
Thank you all for thinking I'm cute in my pumpkin hat!

My second vote is going to Chase!

Calvin, that is very kyoot.

I like punkins, and it does match your hansum stripes.
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