Monday, October 09, 2006


Cheeto's Halloween Costuum

Hi evuryone, it's Cheeto!

Just as my sistur Rosies entrie says, owr lady says we shuldnt win because its not a "reel halloween costuum" but I still want to share it with yoo cause I went "on locashun" to the jungle to pose fur the picktur.

Aftur much thawt, I've decided that I want to be a Monkey fur halloween. Here I am dressed in my monkey sute.

I went "on-locashun" in my monkey sute. I went into the jungle and made TONS of frends including: mr. monkie, three tiger piggies and a red fee-vur! Skeezix asked if I saw lions or bares...I didn't, but if I had the big cat Jake and I would have exsplored furthur into the jungle.

If I win, which we hope I don't cause owr lady says its not a "reel costuum", I want to sponsur Jean cause she's vary shy yet vary perty!

Were yoo a-scared going into the Jungul, Cheeto? Yoo shood git lots of extra votes just for being so brave!
oh, my--how aciting! you'da fooled me into thinking you's a monkey, just like that one beside you! efen if it's not "real", it's really good!!

Hey Cheeto, I'd love to show you the ways of the jungle. Thanks for the mention!

I wuld like to vote fur Batsheba...the beeeutiful hula gurl!
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