Thursday, October 05, 2006


Chloe's Entry

Is there a category for the most unwilling participant? If so put me in that category!
Here is the cat I will adopt if I should win with this dreadful entry!
His name is Ash and he is a whisk broom of a black cat purrfect for the season I might add!
Thanks for your support

Here is a link to my Catster Page
There you can find many more humiliating pictures of me!

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Yoo have my vote cause I now how it is to be an unwilling participunt! -Rosie
Chloe, thank yoo for submitting to this torchur so yoo cood be part of the contest!
we agree! you're a good sport for wearing a costume that looks like a monster is eating your head!! (does the picture taker have two smoking holes in her forehead now, from that stare?);-)
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