Saturday, October 14, 2006


Count Vegas

I think I look hot in this Vampire costume. I told Meowmie that I didn't need a tuxedo cause I already have one on, but she insisted I wear it. I'm a little shy about being the center of attention. You can check out my other photo's on my Catster page.

Vegas's Catster Page

If I win, I would like to sponsor Scooter cause he's seems like a cool cat that I could hang with and he's got some sweet fangs that would be great with my Vampire costume.

Read about Scooter here

Wow, Vegas. Yer costuum is a vampire and yoo decided to sponsur a vampire kitty. Coinsidence?!?!?! Hmmmmm...
vegas, baby! simply marvy costume! we loves it!

nels, ed, nitro, & xing
grate costyoom count.
Great costoom Count Vegas! And yeah, Scooter's fangs would match purrfectly.
Grate kostoom! Yoo do look hot in it, Vegas, if yoo don't mind me saying so. I'm shur that it's giving all the gerl cats urjes.
You are a very handsome vampire! You even got the good seductive vampire look in your eye!

Skeezix is right, the girl kitties must be going wild. Darn, I should have thought of a good costume to get girl kitties to go wild. Being fierce just isn't the same!
OOOH, that is super scary! I really like it Count Vegas!

Catzilla Merlin's Mom
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