Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Dexter's contest entry

Dexter the Frog!

If I win, I would like to sponsor Peepers
I chose Peepers because he is mischeivous and likes to play in his water, just like me. Not to mention, he is very handsome and has beautiful eyes.

Dexter's Web Page

Weren't you just on SOMC
Dexter, I just LOVE this picture of you!
Dex, yoo are just the KYOOTEST THING! This reely is a grate pikchur of yoo!
Oh poor you Dex... Again, that was a hat Momma looked at. Don't they know cats don't want to be frogs?
dexter, your costume makes you look like a frog who lives near a nukyoolar (to steal a word from gwb) power station--you gots four eyes!! mucho scary, and great for halloween!

nels, ed, nitro, & xingxing
Dexter, this picture is priceless. Very funny.
Dexter, this is Jack (the viking)'s human. I just want you to know I voted for you, because you are the CUTEST thing in that frog costume. I love frogs, and you make a great one!

(and you look like a kitty who'd be a lot of fun to play with!)
Hi Dexter, we just love your expression and your costume so you are our second vote!!!

Latte, Kaze, & Chase
For my second vote, I would like to vote for Ripley. Because he looks so youmm oops, I mean cute in his lobster costume.
Dexter, I really like your costume. At first I was thinkin', hey, Skeezix didn't say FROGS could enter this contest!
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