Sunday, October 08, 2006


Fido's Halloween Costume

Hey everyone! I'm the baby brother of Boogers. I was originally going to be the pumpkin but I really thought my new costume looked pawtastic! So I am a Fairy Godcat! I had a wand, but I actually ate that last night when I snuck into my pawrents closet. You can learn more about me here at

If chosen, I'd like to help sponsor Exema as he was one of the 300 cats rescued from Beruit and you can learn more about him at

Look furrrward to seeing everycats costume!

Yoo ate yer wand. Wow, that means when yoo jiggle a wish must come true, right!?!?
Fido, I have an extra wand if yoo need one! Wands are reely grate to have! If yoo were abowt ten pownds liter and not waring nuthin, yood look a lot like my frend Rocky the Gutter Cat!
you have furry good taste in costumes! and a furry good tasting wand, we guesses!;-)

nels, ed, nitro, & xing
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