Saturday, October 14, 2006


Jack the Viking Kitten

Here's my Entry. I'm a Fierce Viking Kitten, returned home from the hunt. To my left you can see my prey, a vishus deer I've skinned and made into a rug (you can see it better on my blog). Behind me is a traditional viking shaggy cloak, worn by Viking Jarls. I'm not wearing it because it's too big for me, but I do have a brilliant scarlett cloak, a colour so expensive only the most powerful Vikings could afford it (it's also my favourite colour!). I have my trusty vishus deerkilling sword Hreinarsbana (Reindeer's Bane) close at hand. I don't have a horned helmet because my Opposable Thumb Wench says they didn't really wear those, and anyway, what would I need with horns? I have big pointy ears (though not as big as Skeezix's).

To see a few more picture from the photoshoot, come to my blog and and say hi!

If I win I want to sponser Sammie.

He has weird drinking habits like me. I don't like having the water poured on my head, but I use my tail to make a pool to drink out of in the sink, and I like my water running too. I don't know why he hasn't been adopted. He seems like a good drinking buddy to me. And we all make mistakes sometimes.

Yoo luk soo brave. Yoo defanately need to be arownd when we need to fend off the vishus deer! What a grate costuum.
was hael, jarl jack! yer garb is excellent!!

nels, ed, nitro, & xing
Yes, you's furry fierce, Jack! Didn't sum Viking kittens do a viddey-oh? Or a cartoon? Hmm I finks so.
I wanna vote for Nitro as Skeezix.

It sure was hard deciding, I wanted to vote for at LEAST a dozen of you....

I ended up spending time for at least 5 naps figuring out a complicated points system, just because I couldn't decide.

Nitro got the most points (but only by one point!) So my vote is going to him.

But I'm still sad I couldn't vote more than once.
Jack, yoo are a veree dashing viking, I'd pillej wif yoo anytime!
I love yur costume, Jack, but Mom'd nefur get me into one that impressif.
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