Saturday, October 14, 2006


jeter harrisez entree to da contest

well ... dis iz mi entree to da contest. i am alwayz a little bit late fer evreethin ... an i'm not sure dat dis iz da rite way to post in da contest ... but i'm tryin.
dis iz a pikshur uv me dressed up in my noo york yankeez costyoom fer halloween. pleez note dat mi eerz ar pokin thru da holez in da yankee cap.
i am sorree to say dat mi warin dis costyoom did not help da yankeez in da penant race dis yeer.
happy halloween to all mi frendz in da fos!

if i wuz to win dis contest i would like to sponsor da byootiful cinders ...
i am a sucker fer older women.

oh, dude! yer costume is great--and there's always next year for your team. we know. we root for the cubs!

nels, ed, nitro, & xing
What sooo cul abowt yer costuum is that yer not a fairweathur cat! Yer dedicashun is awesome!

Its a gud thing owr lady dusnt vote cause shes is frum Michigan.
Maybe we shuld clareify fur thowse non baseball fans. Owr lady said michigan is whare the tigurs live!!
Dear Jeter Harris,
This is truly a remarkable costume and you deserve to win Skeezix's Halloween Costoom Kontest.
If I could vote, my friend, my vote would most definitely go to you!
Good luck,
Your friend,
Derek Jeter (of the New York Yankees)

laffin an laffin ... i rote dat not da grate derek jeter hizself!
anyhoo ... dis iz mi addishunall vote an i'm givin it to me!
I'm sure you wearing that hat helped. Maybe you just need to get more kitties wearing them next year.

That is a cool man-cat way to wear a hat, all pulled low like that. But I hope it doesn't keep you from seeing around you good. I hear there are giant sewer rats 50 paws tall in New York!
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