Monday, October 09, 2006


Kaze, Latte, & Chase's Entry

Since the dopey kittens ALWAYS get to talk I'm going to make this entry. Despite our demands mom only bought us 1 costume so we had to share. I have to say that I really looked the best in it AND I was the best behaved so I think I win from within our family at least. The last photo is a bonus 'cause everyone always calls Kaze a bat so I made her one. Hehehe....

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Oh, and if we win we want to sponsor Latte because it just makes sense (and Latte would throw a hissy fit if we didn't). She seems like a nice enough kitty but she has feline leukemia so she has to live with other infected kitties. She doesn't like other kitties that much but she really likes people which I can certainly understand.

HAHAHA, latte luks like hes having a kon-nip-shun. How funnie
Yoo guys are all pritty funny! I espeshully like the Kaze-as-batman thing at the bottum. Fits in with me and my big bruther Mao's costooms as Batman and Robin!
Oh Momma almost got me the same hat but she remembered you all wore it. I am FURRY glad!
chase, i gots to say you looks the most bigcat-like, but you all are wearing your headgear with more grace than I did!! and the bonus pic is priceless! good job!

purrs, nitro
I love the expression on Case's face.
latte, u r 2 kyoot
Latte, I have to cast my second vote for you! You are such a handsome meezer!
Our second vote is for Dexter. We put a comment in his entry but we're posting our "official vote" here.

We love his costume and his expression!!!
Thanks Cheysuli! You're such a gorgeous meezer yourself!!
You guys all look GRATE! I reely like that hat! Chase seems to be the leest purr-terbed by it.

Have a grate halloween!
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