Thursday, October 12, 2006


Luxor's Entry

Hello, all! You will notice that I finally decided to cooperate with this Halloween thing when Mom explained to me that all I had to do was slip into a digital costume! I was so relieved I even allowed her to place those silly glasses on my face! Besides, she said I was providing a very important service to catkind, so I'd best get back to watching for a cat to show up looking for a parking place.


The parking cattendant
ready to be of service
looks this way then that

If I should win, the cat I would like to sponsor is Opie, described below (because he's been through some really bad times):


Opie must be a Lord of the Rings fan, because he does his best to look like Gollum! When he's not skulking around, you'll find him hunched in the corner, looking suspicious. And he has had enough adventures to fill a book! Before he came to Best Friends, he had been wandering around Venice, California, dazed, hungry, and thirsty. Suddenly, he found himself trapped in a storm drain. He couldn't jump out! He was desperate. Little did he know, a dog would be the one to come to his rescue! A particular little dog and his person went for a walk every day past where Opie was trapped. And whenever they went by, the dog would stick his nose in to say hello. His person began to wonder what was in there. When she looked, she saw Opie! By the time he was rescued, he was really skinny - nearly dead!

After Opie was found, he was brought to the vet where it was discovered that he has diabetes as well as a spinal injury from having once been hit by a car! Because his diabetes was untreated for so long, his back legs don't work so well - that's why he couldn't jump out of the storm drain. Opie had been tired, thirsty, and hurting for so long that he never thought he'd be happy again. But now that he's at Best Friends, he finds his mood improving every day. And it turns out that despite his sulky looks, he's a very personable cat. And he would love nothing more than for you to be his sponsor!

lux--you make being a parking cattentant look glamorous! furry glamorous!!

nels, ed, nitro, & xing
Yoo made a good choice of a cat to sponser. I'm also wun of Opie's sponsers. Becuz the storm drane is almost like a gutter, and I'm a gutter cat. And I like yer "high consept" entrey. It's vary sofisikated. Yer a vary fancy cat
Has Toonces shode up yet???
Toonces *was here earlier, albeit briefly. There was someone famous in the car with him, although he was driving so fast I couldn't make out who it was. But it was someone famous because the paparazzi were hot in pursuit ... Then Toonces drove right past the spot where I was indicating he should park and, unfortunately, there is an abyss on the far side of the lot, should a car jump the curb, which Toonces's, sadly, did. (The paparazzi were right behind.) All vanished from view.

I fear the worst.
Do yoo park cat strolers?
Skeezix, I'm proud to announce that I specialize in parking cat strolers. And, in fact (sucking up here), there is a lovely shady spot reserved especially for Skeezix the Cat. (There's one reserved for Kalin, also.)
#2 vote: Nitro
Yay! I'll never trust parking my stroler to anywun else!
Luxor, your costume is GRATE!

I like it alot.
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