Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Merlin the Jester

I am Merlin Schumacher and this is me in my jesters costume. Mom got it for me last Halloween and I'm wearing it again this year.

If I am chosen as the winner then I will sponser Buddy
because I like his eyes and he looks like he would be a best bud if I knew him.

Visit me and my fellow fluffies at Poi Rats, Cats, & Bun
blog. We all take turns posting soes you should get to meet all of us. We have meece too, but they don't post much yet.

Here's good lucks to all of us in Skeezix's Halloween Costume Contest.

~Merlin =^..^=

Merlin, yer costoom is vary byootiful. It looks espeshully nice aginst yer black fur. Good luck!
Merlin, thowse colurs luk fabulous on yoo. Yoo have such a silkie black's beeeeutiful.
your costume is SO beautyful, all soft and silky & shiny! it's our mom's favorite colors, too, but WE like the little dangly things on the end of the petals! how can you wear that and not want to stop and play with all those little dangles??? it would drive us crazy!! good luck!
Hi Merlin the Jester: you look cute in that costume!
Hey! We've got the same name! That is sooo kewl. We should be, like, bestest friends!

and I really like yer costum. Looks furry nice on your shiny fur.
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