Saturday, October 14, 2006


Mini the (ugh) Mouse

I can't believe I haven't put the bitey on anybody. How humiliating. *sigh*

Anyways, if I was to win I'd sponsor Scooter.

~~ Mini

wow! you is furry brave to dress up like a mouse in a contest fulla kitties!!!

nels, ed, nitro, & xing
Oh, Mini! What our moms put us thru. Yes, I fink you haf efurry right to be our first Attack Tuxie. Or a Tuxie Toughy? Oh, I like that.
Dis-guysed as a mousie, I bet you had a great time at the House of Mouse. Great idea; you can get reely close, then surprize em - rowr! Mini, you're too cute.
Gee, thanks yall.
Attack Tuxie, yeah, I like that.
At least I gets 57!!! treats for the cats in Carnival of the Cats this weekend. I'll go dream bout that. hehehe
Yoo look yummy in that mousie kostoom, Mini!
Well, it's not a fierce costume, but a mouse is a good disguise! And the bow is red and sets off your black fur really well.

And getting 57 treats is a good thing to make up for having to wear a silly costume. I didn't get nothing for all my work!

Attack Tuxie, eh?
Ilook yummy? Skeezix? You're not gonna try to hunt me and eat me are you??? I guarantees I'm not tasty like a mouse!!!
~~ Mini
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