Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Nitro S. Pierce's Entry

I needed me a costume
A contest for to play,
An’ Skeezix is my best friend,
That’s why I look this way!

Mom sez I’m a suck-up,
But I don’t really care,
‘Cause Skeezix is my best friend,
An’ he dresses with such flair!

I really do admire him
An’ the mooveys that he makes,
His contributions to us cats,
An’ the stroller rides he takes.

So here’s my little entry,
My picture for to see.
I hope you like my costume
And cast your vote for me!

(please come visit me & the other meowers from missouri here. we love to make new friends!)

an' if i wins, i'd like to sponsor Scooter. his story just made me cry:
Scooter was born without back legs. But he's a happy guy ... especially when he gets visitors! Every time someone comes to see him, he gets all excited and scoots as fast as he can to be a good host. His eyes are huge and alert ... they look almost crazy with enthusiasm when you pet him. His purr is snorty and cute.

Scooter was born in 1997. He was a 'clinic cat' in Arizona, keeping a vet staff company and greeting visitors. But because he had no back legs, some of the clientele reported feeling disturbed by his appearance. So the poor guy got fired as welcomer. Now we're happy to have him here, welcoming our guests at Kitty Motel.

An' a note from ALL the Pierce Kitties: phooey on those "clientele" beans who were "disturbed". They're "disturbed", all right; you couldn't PAY us to be THEIR kitties. an' phooey on the clinic beans who "knuckled under". an' g*d bless the Sanctuary beans!!!

OK, that's it. Contest over. Nitro wins!
My legul teem has advized me that it's not fare to let sumwun win just becuz thare a good suk-up. And that maybe thare will be a later entry hoo suks up even more, so I shood wate until the end of the contest before deklaring a winner (hoo, I'm reminded by my legul teem, will be chozin by popyuler vote anyway).

Nitro, yoo made my day!
I don't know Skeezix, I think I have a strong favorite now! I LOVE the ears Nitro!!!
o, Nitro, tha costoom be boo-tee-ful, u looks like Skeezix. luv tha ears. 'n tha poem. u is one mul-tee talented cat. Wows.

'n we luvs Scooter, too. Missy 'n me's feels tha same way, shame, shame, shame on tha beans that fired little Scooter.
WOW - that Nitro is top notch!!
--Alison (Mommy to Linus and Lucy!)
Is that ... no, it can't be Nitro ... that's Skeezix! How can there be two Skeezi???
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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA- Yoo do win, Nitro. Soooo funnie.

Skeezix- just fur clarifucashun who duz yer legul team consist of?
Rosie & Cheeto: My legul teem consists of my kuzzins Oreo and Flower, hoo liv with a loy-yer persun in Lincoln, so thare experts.

That is the BESTEST costoom! We laffed and laffed and laffed and that was BEFORE we notissed the eeers!!


Buddy & Finny
Okay, dude. So not fair, cause that costume is rockin! I don't know if I even should bother entering now!

but I will. ;)

Sweet costume, Nitro!
Goodness! The costume! The ears! The expression! PERFECT!
Okay, Skeezix:

DaisyMae Maus and the Feline Americans cast their SECOND vote for Nitro. Love the satellite dish ears ... too clever for words.

DaisyMae Maus
Way to go, Nitro - the world needs more Skeezixes cause he's such a wonderful guy. You also remind us of Seuss's Cat in the Hat as well. This is going to be one hard decision for the voters because there are so many talented costumed cats in this contest, but you have to be a favorite.

We luves Nitro's costoom!!! It's purrfect! We want Scooter to get sponsored too. Mean bad beans for firing him!
Love, love LOVE this costume!

How very clever, I wish I were this creative!

Sadie (Catzilla Merlin's Mom)
Concatulations Nitro!
Sanjee, Mini, Boni, Pepi and Gree
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