Monday, October 09, 2006


Ripley's Costume Entry

My Mommie says I am a lobster - I think from this picture I am a "Crab"

I would love to sponsor "Lois" wouldn't she be perfect in my "Crabby" costume - MOL, everyone needs a friend.

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Yes, that is soooooo crabby!!!
Yoo shood git extra points for skrewing up yer face in an espeshully anoid expreshun so the crab theem is reflekted not only in yer costoom, but in yer face!!! GOOD JOB!!! Maybe my big bruther Mao shood have gone for the crab costoom, hehe.
ripley, how nifty! furry realistic costume! (don't go near any big kettles!!)

meows, nitro
I luv this pitchur of yoo Ripley an I kin simpathize wif bein crabee abowt beein dresst up. It wuz fun fer abowt 2 sekins. Grate emoshunul Xpresshun!
I think yoo look like a crab, too, but that is awesome picture. You look reely mad.
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