Friday, October 13, 2006


Rocky Ann

I am the Good Witch of the West!

If I were so lucky as to win this contest I would pick my BEST FRIEND to be RASCAL.

awwww, rocky ann--you doesn't look wicked at all. disgruntled, yes; wicked, no. and pretty!!

nels, ed, nitro, & xing
RA, yoo make a very good GRUMPY witch! Were yoo grumpy becuz thare are no Hello Kitty pink witches outfits?
Oooooo, what great lighting for a witch portrait!

Of course you're the Good Witch, you have far too sweet a face, even grumpy, to be bad!
Rocky Ann, you look disgruntled, as NENX said. Your eyes look like the bean you love has betrayed you by makin you wear the costume. Poor fing. Purrs!
Rock Ann, I love it! You look great, with your sweet face, even if you were disgruntled.

Catzilla Merlin's Mom
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