Thursday, October 12, 2006


Sophia's costume... Fiona Bun

Sophia, the Diva Kitty, decided to really stretch herself this year for Skeezix’s Costume Contest. She dyed her fur, had her ears elongated and has tucked her tail, in a very uncomfortable way to dress as Fiona Bun.

You can tell it’s Sophia by ‘Her Look’ of disdain…

Sophia would like to sponsor Jessica if she wins.

Jessica longs so much for affection that if you won't pet her, she'll rub her own face against a window sill and stare at you, imagining that you're giving her attention. What a sweetie! Black and silky white, this darling purrs beautifully. But watch out -- she has a frisky streak too! She may not be a kitten anymore, but she's definitely up for playing.

Jessica was born in 2001. She came to Best Friends as a result of a trade with an Arizona rescue group. They took some cats from us whom they felt they could easily adopt out, and in turn, we took two cats with feline leukemia, including Jessica. Back in Arizona, she was a proud mom to two healthy kittens without feline leukemia, both of whom found good homes. Jessica has never been adopted. But she would like to be!

wow! that's really realistic!!! you'd think that was really fiona bun!

*ahem* purrs,
nels, ed, nitro, & xing
Is that 3D Studio? Because WOW, that is so realistic!!
Yoo know, yoo look reely reely good with the longer ears! Are yoo gonna keep 'em after Halloween?
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