Thursday, October 12, 2006


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As the now retired matchmaker of Catster, what better costume could there be than Cupid?! This holiday season, no matter if it be Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas, make sure you spread the love. Tell someone you dont even know that you care. You might just turn their day around!

If I win I would like to sponsor Gemini

great philosophy, great costume!!

nels, ed, nitro, & xing
Aw, you're furry nice, a real angel!
Sanjee, Mini, Boni, Pepi and Gree
House of the (Mostly) Black Cats
Our 2ND VOTE GOES TO RASTA. We just love the picture!

Purrs - The Kitty Cats Corner cats: Sweetie, Lexington, Twinkie, Callie, Chloe, Faith, Lemur, Magic, Frosty, Snickers, Inky, Domino, Tiki, Sydney, Mittens & Aprillee *WHEW!* heehee
I have a cupid costoom, too! It looks better on yoo, tho!
That's a really great idea for a costume! You look like an angel too!

I'm sad to hear you're retired though. Guess I'll just have to keep looking for a girl kitty of my own myself.....sigh.
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