Saturday, October 14, 2006


Victor Devilcat

A costume? For Skeezix's contest? OKAY!

How does this werk?

Ummm, Mom? A little help here?

Huh. I liked it better when this was a toy.

Rowr! See? Ain't I a devil! Come say hi to me an Bonnie sumtime, puleeze?

If I wins, I'll sponsor Marvin cuz he sounds like a sweetie an he looks like me.

We reely like the prooogreshun of the costuum.
furry, furry good pictures--almost like watching a moovey in slow motion!

nels, ed, nitro, & xing
hey vic ...
yer a hansum cat
Victor, THAT's the best way to do a costoom! hehehe You's cool Victor.
Honestly, yer not vary konvinsing as a devil, VT, becuz yer such a pussycat! But yoo look vary kyoot trying!
They're red! What a good toy! And a much better use for them than wearing them on your head.

I think Skeezix missed the first picture! Clearly you are a devil kitty, just look at the devil look in your eyes! You give it the bitey good!
Good job on the devilcat costume! I especially like the progressive pictures!

Catzilla Merlin's Mom
Skeez don't know me vedy well, do he? {evil snicker}

Ok, so I'm called "Trouble Maker" more than Devil, but sumone who nefur saw these pictors called me a Handsome Devil on Flickr.
Victor Bro you really do that devil costume justice. Bet you put the bitey on it.
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