Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Violet's Contest Entry

Violet looking for Little Miss Muffet

If I win this contest, I'd like to sponsor Russel because he is an acrobat. He loves chasing a laser light, and he can jump and turn flips in the air! I'm a pretty good acrobat myself, so we would have a great time if we could play together!

Oh Violet, owr ladie says yoo have the scariest picktur because of the spidur. Yoo luk vary perty.
Violet, yoo are reely byootiful in this pikchur!
oh, miss violet! how extremely elegant you look!! miss muffett nefur sat that still for a picture, we bet!


(but howcome you haven't eaten that spidey yet? i would!)
I appreciate all the nice comments about my spider and me!

My second vote goes to Rocky Ann!

Ooh, Violet, you are furry pretty! I like purple, too!
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