Thursday, October 12, 2006


Zenith, Hatter, Tiger and Dagger

Happy Howl-o-ween FOS !!!
Emma stayed out of reach,
while Hatter oblidged and allowed the food lady to dress him up
-- AGAIN !
Tiger said he would wear whatever the food lady wants,
as long as there's a treat in it, for him.
Zenith wasn't too crazy about wearing HORNS...
Dagger wasn't sure just HOW to wear a hat

We don't really expect to "win" anything --
But -- Because Skeezix is such a SPECIAL FRIEND
We thought we would try dressing up,
Just to join in the fun!
And though we don't expect to win, we would like to give honorable mention to the sweet little kitten, "Douggie Owen", the food lady was fostering, who passed away from a cardiac event on Monday. He was only 6 months old, and a really sweet boy. We will miss him... but we know our Grandpa Sasquatch will watch over him at the Rainbow Bridge.
The Fancidots Gang

hatter--way to go! that headgear looks especially outstanding against your white furs! do you have a black cap and spot(s) to go with that tail, like me?

tiger--what an amiable fellow you are! you wear that hat with real panache!

zenith--you are devilishly cute in those horns, just adorable!

dagger, it looks like you've figgered out a new use for that hat--you could keep treats in it, for easy munchin'. very practical!

sir ed
Thanks for all the nice comments, Pierce Kitties; nels, nitro, xingxing and sir ed.
Our food lady has had quite a time of it, trying to convince US to wear any clothing... we think we're beautiful, just the way we are.
Nels, Hatter says the top of his head, his tail and paw pads are gray, and otherwise he's white all over.
Being a Friend of Skeezix the Cat has really been a lot of fun for all of us, and our food lady, too!
*All of you are so cute!
The first one looks a bit like Giggy in his hat! All are adorable:)
Oooh....Bengals! I was supposed to be a Bengal, my Lap Lady really really wanted one but she thought I'd fit in better with the meezer. You guys look great!
Winever I see the Fancidots gang, I wish I wuz a Bengal becuz yoo guys are just too kool! And Emma is a looker no matter whut she's waring!
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